Small kitchen and its’ shelves.

This post is describing how I made this shelve and how I manage my kitchen.

Food enthusiast in a small kitchen.

As you might be able to see in the pictures is that my 4 m2 kitchen not big enough for my needs. However, I really like the location and the price for my apartment. It is therefore very interesting to stay in this apartment. So, I will have to make do with what I have. This is a challenge that I am very willing to take on. It is almost like living in a tiny house. I have 4 storage cabinets and a couple spice shelves. Over the past year, my spices and secondary ingredients have increased substantially. I personally prefer to have an efficient small kitchen where items are easily accessible and visible. For this reason, I decided to hang some of my pans on the wall. Besides that, I wanted to add some more large shelves for additional storage space. This post will be about achieving additional storage space.

Spice racks.

spice shelves in the small kitchen with over 40 different spices. Of which most of them get used regularly.
My spice shelves.

As for a start let’s talk about the spice shelve that is located above the already existing spice rack. This plank is salvaged from an old pallet. Sanded down and together with 2 brackets attached to the wall. It is a plaster wall so it was easy to drill a hole. However, I question the strength of this construction. It has been holding for about 8 months now. I concluded that it services its’ purpose very well. The shelve is located quite high so some of my guests cannot reach it. But hey! This small kitchen is designed with my personal needs in mind. I personally would use bigger brackets next time. A longer plank would also be great.

Coats and liquids storing shelves.

On to the next shelve. I enter my apartment through my small kitchen. I need a place to store my jackets as well. This shelve can simply be found in Ikea. For me, it has an additional function of displaying the bottles that I use for cooking. The shelve is well attached to the wall. It can deal with heavier bottles. I do have to say that the port usually does not survive that long. Next, to the shelve, I decided to hang a cotton bag. Denmark is a very humid country. Therefore, things tend to spoil a lot faster then I used to. Placing ingredients like potatoes in a cotton bag increases its lifespan. I used to store my potatoes in the kitchen cabinet but they would start to spoil within a week. Now, they only start to dry out.

The creation of a new shelve.

Last Thursday I decided that it is time to create more space to store my dehydrated products. These have a long shelf life and I tend to use them only in smaller quantities. I wanted a really long shelve. I took the side of an old bed frame. This plank did not need any additional attention other than removing some wooden pegs. I did not want to use brackets this time.
Because of the sheer length of the plank. I noticed in another small kitchen a very interesting way of hanging up shelves.

The overall idea on the hanging plank shelf.
The overall idea on the hanging plank shelf.

The planks are held in place by two pieces of string. The two strings are attached to the sealing with eye lags. The wall has some electrical wires going through them and I do not know where they are located. For that reason, I did not want to drill into the wall. Back to the shelve. Since the plank is on the thinner side it was possible for the plank to tilt. I tried solving this by attaching an additional piece of string that would pull the rope that supports the plank to one side. This created more tension that would prevent to tilt the shelve in the future. Hmm, not sure if I described it well enough. Maybe you should just take a look on the picture and see how I did it yourself.

My solution for preventing the plank from tilting.
The solution that prevented the plank from tilting.

I recommend asking another person to assist you. I did this alone which made it quite hard to even the plank out. In short, I needed an extra hand. However in the end, it all turned out fine. The shelve is even on waterlevel. Which has been judged by eye and later by a tool.

Me trying to solve the problem of not having enough hand by using a tool.
This is how I solved the shortage in additional hands.

More on my lifestyle.

If you want to read more about my small kitchen, click here. Then make sure to follow one of my social media accounts to keep track on new posts. My tiny kitchen is still not the way I would ideally have it. There will also be other DIY projects on this blog. Most of them will relate to how to utilize a small space or how to live in a tiny house. If you got any advice or tips for my future projects feel free to comment down below.

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