Second-hand Kitchen machine.

OBH Nordica Zeus and accessories
OBH Nordica Zeus and accessories

I personally prefer to use tools powered by kinetic energy instead of electricity. These are almost always working. However, with my new job I needed extra hands to be able to create more in less time. Here is a little background knowledge: In my new job, I am working seven-night shifts in a row, during the day I often have classes. This leaves me with little to no time to prepare dinners. After those seven nights, I usually have 7 nights off as well. This is so I can also give enough attention to school as well as my social life.

In the week that I am working, I need to prepare several meals in advance. If I do not then I will lose a lot of weight. Which is something I am very good at. I am 1.83m tall so I prefer to stay around 72-75kg. Less would be too skinny. For this reason, I decided to buy an extra “pair of hands”. In theory, I should be able to produce more with the same amount of time and hands.

Finding a kitchen machine and buying it.

The OBH Nordica Zeus kitchen aid.
OBH Nordica Zeus kitchen aid.

Apparently, these tools cost a small fortune.  , I did not fancy spending half a months’ worth of my salary on a kitchen aid tool. So, I decided to go with a second-hand option. The good thing about second-hand kitchen machines is that these machines are often rarely used. I mean what household really need to use a kitchen machine on daily or even weekly basis. Used kitchen machines are often times sold because it gets hardly ever used. It did turn out to take a long time to find a kitchen machine for a good price. Most people either state that the machine is still in new condition and ask for a 6-year-old model the same as the price of a new model. On the other hand, machines that go for less are usually not for long on the market.

I managed to get myself an OBH Nordica Zeus with a 1500-watt motor and all the additional accessories that this model has to offer. There little to no research done before buying. I do not encourage anyone to do this actually. The marketplace for the last 3 months. Do your research before you buy!

(Picture of the kitchen machine with all accessories)

Testing out the OBH Nordica Zues.

Since I have not done my research I decided that I should not wait too long with testing this new toy out. I had about 1 and a half hour to prepare myself meals for 2-3 days. So, started setting up the kitchen machine. Attached the rasping part and added some cheese. First, I to just put the cheese in and hope that it would work on its own. This did not work. I still had put some extra pressure in order to make it work properly. However, the time it took to do it was significantly shorter. I think If I would be able to add some weight to this part.

That it would be more efficient at working on its own. After rasping, I added flour, yeast, salt, milk, oaths, water, and some seeds to form a dough. Turned on the machine and started to cut some vegetables. I just had to check the dough once in a while, take the flour and other products from the sides of the bowl and add it back into the mix. The machine proofed to be quite useful. In this 1 and half-hour, I managed to make a loaf of bread, a pasta-based dish, and a rice-based dish. Which will keep me fed for some days.

Summary on the OBH Nordica Zues,

Overall it seems like a decent machine. It simply looks great. The accessories feel sturdy. The machine is second hand, therefore, it did not come with a manual. Despite that, I found the machine to be quite self-explanatory. I never owned a kitchen machine myself. I only worked with one once. My experience with these tools it is quite limited. In the future, I will be able to give a more in-depth review for this product. Besides that, I will also be able to write about how I use this machine. What reasons I can come up with why you want to buy or have one. It is a bulky and therefore a space taking tool. This means that it is not something that works for everyone.

OBH Nordica Zeus with sausage horn and mincer attached to it.
The future content will depend on this machine.

I am looking forward to, making sausages and other meat products. This kitchen tool will allow me to do these types of production. So, make sure to stay up to date and new content will be coming soon. 

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