Multipurpose storage space.

Multifunctional storage space. work top, storage space and dog house.
Multifunctional storage space. work top, storage space and dog house.


Warning for carpenters and people with OCD. This page contains images of furniture that is created by an apprentice Charcutier. This means that I have little to no experience in carpeting.

Multifunctional storage space needed.

My dehydrator has been a thorn in my eye in the last weeks. It has been standing on the floor in 3 locations. Which is quite impressive if you consider that I only have 7 square meters of free floor space. So, I decided that it was time to tidy my place up a bit. I needed a bigger storage space for my wine bottles and I wanted a table top to work on. Besides that, I might get a little roommate in a few weeks that could use its’ own little bed as well. In the past I have made a few pieces of furniture out of pallets. One example is my standing desk. Which has a very simple design. It has a desk top and a few shelves attached to it.

Designing my own working station.

This time I did not want my working space that high but instead wanted a wider working space. This meant that I wanted to put the pallets sideways. Which instantly gave me the following idea.

This plan needed two pallets as well as 2 table tops or at least two large planks. One of my friends was moving out and could not take her coffee table with her. So, I was the happy new owner of this piece of furniture. This table turned out to be very well suited for my project. The lower plank was exactly 10 cm shorter in both aspects. This made it possible to create the following.

The middle plank resting on the middle legs of the palet waiting to be screwed in.
The middle plank getting screwed in place.

The lower plank is simply screwed in place onto the middle “leg” of both pallets. This creates enough support to allow the lower plank to hold a large amount of wine and pickles. The downside was that I came 1 cm short to be able to store my wine bottles in between the two levels.

The wine bottle does not fit between the two shelves.
Just 1-2 centimeters short for everything that I wanted to store there.

Back to the drawing board, I went! Which did not take long at all. I just taught about adding a thick pallet plank between the top of the pallet and the upper level. This added enough space between the two levels. As a final touch I added some planks to the side so it leaves a calmer impression on the room. When you have a smaller room, it is very easy to create a room that looks messy and unorganized. These few boards that came from the old corner piece really make a big difference in the appearance.

Comparing the old with the new.

Small but practical piece of furniture. Not that pretty looking but it did serve its' purpose.
The old corner storage space.
The new storage space that functions as a counter top for working, middle part to store items and the bottom part for the dog.
The new corner storage space.

As you can see this new piece is a lot larger but leaves a much calmer impression on the room. Everything looks a lot neater now in my opinion. Sadly, there is less space to take someone to dance, but it always was a tight space for dancing anyways. I now have some extra counter space to work on. As well as a place to station my kitchen machine. Which can be read about here. (Link to the kitchen machine article.)  Please let me know your thoughts on this piece of furniture. I know that not everything is perfectly aligned and that will not be changed since it does not bother me. But maybe you have a great idea about what to change or just want to share something. If you want to read more articles like this make sure to follow me.

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