Life in a small apartment.

My apartment covered in snow.
My apartment covered in snow.

A small living space becomes easily very personal. My own apartment is no exception. I currently live in the very north of Denmark. There are no large forests nor buildings to break the wind. A large apartment in a dark winter day can therefore easily make you feel lonely. That is the case for me at least.

My living room functioning as an extension of my kitchen.
Living room with a counter top and kitchen machinery.

My small apartment always succeeds in being a comforting cozy place. Or in other words, my apartment has Hygge. Candles, wooden furniture, and a wooden floor are some of the key features. The apartment is 215 square foot. The kitchen and a bathroom are both 43 square foot. The living- / bedroom is 129 square foot. The kitchen is too small for someone that loves to cook. A large part of the living room is therefore repurposed to kitchen space.

My bedroom / living room.
The otherside of the room.

This adds in my opinion a lot of coziness to the place. Food and producing food simply make me happy. This is easily noticeable by taking a look at the interior. There is a queen size bed, a standing desk and a small couch for 2 persons. All this still leaves enough floor space to take a romantic dance or to do some stretches. The wood really makes sure that a small speaker can create a vibrant musical experience. Which is nice when you are either relaxing or feel like taking a dance.

Getting a new roommate.

I am considering to look for a bigger apartment. The current apartment is amazing. But in January I will have a little dachshund roommate. Who is very small. So, there should be enough space for her. however, more space would not hurt her. I am really looking forward to having her as a roommate. Since I think that it will bring the place to life.  Which I find rather welcome in the Danish winter.

My younger brother holding my future roommate Roxy.
Meet Roxy the black Dachshund.

For future posts

I am planning to create some specific furniture that really allows me to utilize the space. If you live or used to live in a small place feel free to share your experience! I am very curious to get to know how others solved their needs. I will be trying to figure it out myself. So, if you are curious about what I will come up next then stay tuned!

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