Christmas school event.

School event, Julehuggeri.
School event, Julehuggeri.

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The poster of the school event hanging in my apartment.
The christmas poster from the event.

Since Christmas is nearing we decide to make a Christmas themed event. An event filled with Danish traditions and international food. The planning part of the event already started 3 weeks before the actual day. We gather together and started to discuss what we wanted to aim for. We aimed at reaching out towards at least 50 people with this event from multiple different study orientations. Once this was established, we started to discuss how we wanted to have the event roughly look like and how we are going to reach out towards people. Finally, we divided the tasks by who wanted to do what. I wanted to take full responsibility of the dinner itself. Besides that, I took the responsibility of getting a bigger budget and the creation of a budget plan.  

As the weeks followed, we had another meeting. Here we came up with the idea to go to the classes in person to invite more people to the event. This was for me personally a couple steps outside my personal comfort zone. Two of our group members really liked this activity. Which I find very impressive. I hope they will be up for more of this during the next semesters.

Competition at school events?

On the same day that we planned the event, another group also decided to have an event. On the same location and time. Which is not ideal. Since people might feel like to have to choose between the two. Which leads to either an awkward situation. Or by people simply not showing up. Since this time of the year is already very busy. We decided that it is to both events interests to fuse into one large event. I was personally not really a part of this. I cannot say how this process went. Besides that, I was in the kitchen preparing the dinner. So, I did not see much of both events other than the dinner. The only thing that I do know for sure is that both events had quite a lot of people showing up.

Chirstmas card, some books and candles.
Christmas atmosphere in my own home.

One of the Danish traditional Christmas games.

One of those traditions is pakkeleg. Everyone brings a present and puts it on a table. In order to get a present, you need to roll a 6 with the dice. This dice gets passed around clockwise. The trick is, at one point all the packages are divided. From that moment a timer starts to countdown. During this time the dice is still being passed around. Whenever it hits 6 then you get to steal a present from someone else. This game gets everyone very into the moment. The fact that the clock is ticking makes it even more intense. The moment the bell rings. When the game stops. You are no longer allowed to roll the dice, or to steal a present. This makes it a fun and action-pact game. Some people end up with a few presents while others end up with nothing.

The dinner.

Doing the groceries for the event, from the picture it seems like there is only beer.
Doing the groceries for the event.

The responsibility to create the menu was for me. This always proves to e adaunting task. Especially if you work parttime and have classes to go to. The dinner was split into 3 courses; starting course, main course, and dessert. I asked my curly friend to come up with some soup recipes. She came up with a few. We picked one the pumpkin soup. The main course was an oven dish. The potatoes and vegetables were steamed in wine or beer. Besides the wine or beer. The dish contained a variety of Christmas spices and a large portion of cayenne pepper. (I will come back on that last spice later). The final course was the Danish traditional Rissalamande. The rice pudding-like dish has a whole almond hidden. The one who finds the almond wins a prize. The recipe was made by two first semester students.

Now to come back on the cayenne pepper. A very good friend decided to add some additional spices. (Without me realizing it.) One of these spices was what he thought Paprika. During the serving. It turned out that the paprika was not paprika but Cayenne pepper. The dish was nearly unbearable spicy. This proves that I still have a lot to work on kitchen management. But I do have to say that we have a long-standing tradition. Where we both try to improve the other’s creation by adding spices. So, I told him that from that day on we will decide before we start cooking who is the chef of the day. So, we can prevent this in the future.

Summary and improvements.

Overall the event was quite a success. 43 people were participating during the dinner. Which means that the total event reached out to even more people. Not everyone stayed till the dinner. While some only came for the dinner. So, I think it is safe to say that we did manage to reach more than 50 people. The organizational aspect seemed to have worked as well. However, there are plenty of points for improvement. I personally should work towards getting a better overview in the kitchen. Besides that, I should have put the drinks out a bit earlier. So, people would have had a reason to stay until dinner. During this event, I kept the drinks for the dinner. I did not want the participants to be full from drinking. However, now I look back at it think more people would have stayed longer if they were out earlier.

This will be it for now. If you want to read more about these types of events and posts about creating events make sure to stay tuned. More post will follow in the next year.

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