Buying a Dehydrator.

For a couple months now, I have been looking around for a dehydrator. This is for me an expensive purchase. Therefore, I wanted to do some research first. There were two choices, either an American product or an Asian product. For some reason, Europe is not really competing in this branch of kitchen equipment. I compared the two, the American brand Excalibur and the Asian variations. To my disappointment, there are only reviews of the American brand and no real in-depth reviews of the Asian counterparts. I, therefore, decided to go with the Excalibur brand. There are plenty of extensive reviews on this brand which made it seem desirable. American products or products from outside of Europian union are heavily taxed, despite that I decided to make the purchase. A week later it arrived at my doorstep. Which got me all thrilled about all the new opportunities that have opened up for me. To my surprise, the model I ordered was not made of metal but instead of some kind of plastic.

Excalibur dehydrator, new dehydrator, Settings and buttons on dehydrator.
The settings of the dehydrator.

Nevertheless, it seemed like a quality product. I took the first free day to invite my friend over to start testing this new toy. We in all eagerness decided to dehydrate a various range of products; apple, carrots, pineapple, and lemons. In all our eagerness we forgot one thing. That one thing turned out to be quite important. You see, I live in Denmark, at times this place can reach really high levels of humidity. We decided to go dehydrating with an air humidity of around 90 %. Which increased the drying time substantially. Since I have a very small apartment I will need to put the drying on a hold till the next morning.

Apples, carrots, kaki, pineapple, dehydration, experiment
The products we decided to test the dehydrator with.

I came back home after work to find my house rather moisty. It seemed like someone has been taking a long shower and forgot to open up a window. out if this I pulled the conclusion that the machine did do his job properly. There was a pleasant smell and the dehydrated items looked amazing. The cleaning up was relatively easy. The pineapple left some sticky residue but the trays were easily lifted out and washed in the sink. I highly recommend a big sink. This will make your life a lot easier. but back on the topic. For the first time, I cannot tell you so much yet about the dehydrator. However, so far, so good. I have been overall pleased with this product.

If you are reading this and own a dehydrator yourself, please tell me which brand and why you choose that brand. I myself choose Excalibur since they seemed highly praised on most YouTube reviews. Besides that, the model I picked has a very low electricity consumption. The most important part is that the heating and fan are located on the side instead of the bottom. This is better for dehydrating meat products and other products that can start to dripping fat or liquid. These drippings will not ruin your motor in time. Preferably it would have been made of stainless steel so it will be easier to clean. But I do have to state that I have yet to clean my dehydrator.

This is my first experience with my own dehydrator. I already have a few ideas and recipes that I am eager to try out. But I am always eager to hear your ideas! So, feel free to share! I will share my experience here on my own little personal space.  Follow me along in my journey to find out how I can create my own farm.

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