Introduction to organizing events.

Kristian and me preparing for school BBQ. With on the back ground the ingredients for the BBQ.
Kristian and me preparing for school BBQ. With on the back ground the ingredients for the BBQ.

The University’s approach letting students organize events.

Our university has a budget for events and parties financed. The events are financed by the school while being organized by students. I am one of those students that considers himself very lucky to be in the position to organize events.

Cook Your Culture, The Netherlands. It was the first school event. Me telling a little bit about the Netherlands.
Cook your culture, The Netherlands edition

It allows me to practice my organization skills in a safe environment. Teachers are ready to help and to give advice. This allows further development of yourself, the events.  I myself would not be able to finance these events on my own. Since some of these events can be quite costly. The event creating group gathers in the beginning of the semester with a plan of when we want to have certain events. We aim for 1-2 big events and 3-5 smaller events. These bigger events are Christmas dinners and School BBQ’s. The latter goes by the name Chill and Grill. The smaller events are either a movie night or a Cook your Culture. The Cook your Culture is an event where we invite some guests from a specific country to showcase some of their own traditional dishes. Some products are hard to come by this makes it challenging.

Cook Your Culture, a Hungarian recipe. With some of the ingredients in the background.
Cook Your Culture, a Hungarian recipe.

Reaching out to new potential attenders of our events.

Most people already have their own set of friends or they prefer to speak Danish. While there are also a lot of people that just have a too busy life or simply do not feel like socializing. All things considered we do usually manage to collect 14-18 participants on small events and between 40-70 on larger events. We currently manage to get new attendees by attending different school events. These events consist of school parties and generally socializing with others. We also use social media to invite and share our events. We are also hanging posters in the school. I am not quite sure if it works since most of the time goes.

Non-University related events.

Picture of two of my good friends where we invited over some people from a viking reenactment group to join us in BBQ and cricket.
This picture was taking during one of our beach BBQ trips.

Besides the University events, you will also be able to follow me in my development in organizing events in my spare time. These events assist me to take a step closer towards personal independence. The main goal is to establish a skill set that allows me to host and organize events on my own. These events will focus on food and food production. However, the main difference is that instead of it only being a social event it will strive to be educational as well. More about this will be coming in the future. So, if you have ideas for events or if you want to stay up to date make sure to follow on social media.

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