A picture of my life.

photoshoot photo of me stirring air.
photoshoot photo of me stirring air.

So, I will summarize shortly how my current life looks like. I am currently a student in Denmark. A normal week has 2-5 days of classes. The aim is to be an active student. This means that I am one of the organizers of events in the school. On top of that, I try to be a representative for the international students that present in my university. This last thing I am not always able to do. Besides school, I work around 100 hours a month in evening/night shifts. (I work in aquaculture.)

Current goal for this blog.

Currently, I am trying to set up a communication platform. This is what you are reading at the moment. I hope to create a platform where I can share my learning process. From there I wish to work towards transforming it. From a simple blog towards an education platform. That targets food production and lifestyle fields in a sustainable fashion. It is currently in its’ starting phase. However, I do plan to take this very seriously. I already invested in books and kitchen equipment to take it to the next level. With this project, I want to stimulate and encourage myself to become a better butcher/ charcutier/ cook/ baker. Or in other words to become a better food producer. I want to be able to be self-sustainable. This platform allows me to develop myself while at the same time becoming a better writer.

Why I chose to do it publicly?

I obviously could do this privately and just for myself. However, I personally feel that I already have a lot of information that is useful for others. On top of that, it is always good to create an external source of encouragement. By setting my goals to share my learning process and by setting goals to reach out to others with the same interest. I will be creating an additional reason to keep improving. This allows me to meet new people that know more about various topics than I do.

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I am Scandinavian lookalike from the Netherlands. Currently studying in Northern Denmark. I was born in the countryside and brought into the city at the age of 5. Since then I always dreamt of having my own productive education farm. This has not changed over the years. I am very much interested in combining flavors and methods to create new products. After the years of trial and error, I came to learn a few things. One of them is that making mistakes is part of the learning process.


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